Advanced Preschool - Bears Group

Once your child reaches their last year at Pre-School we will spend time with them as a group preparing them for their next steps to big school - this group is called Bears!


We ask that your child wears a preschool t-shirt or jumper to get them used to wearing a form of uniform. These can be purchased direct from Pre-School.

The Bears often goes into the community, visiting the Local library where the children have a great opportunity to look through a vast array of books. We do choose several books to take back to the setting to read and discuss. We also visit the local church, allotments and park weather permitting. Due to the fact we are often out and about we do suggest that each child wears suitable footwear and brings along a change of clothes to each session. We do advise that during the winter your child brings in addition to their normal footwear wellington boots along with a hat, scarf, gloves and a coat. During the summer a sun hat and closed toe shoes. No crocs please. We also encourage the children to be independent and supply them with a P.E kit so that they can practice dressing ready for a P.E lesson like they would at school.

We also offer outings throughout the year solely for our Bears, which parents also get the opportunity to attend. 

Our main aim for the Bears is to help ease your child’s transition into Primary school. As a majority of children go on to attend Yalding Primary school we have created very strong links with the school. We get invited to watch their KS1 Christmas play which is a great opportunity for our children. As they get to watch some of their friends who went from pre-school to school the previous academic year and it also familiarises them with the school itself. They also let us attend and participate in their sports day which is always great fun. Closer to the end of the academic year the reception teacher visits us several times to spend time getting to know the children before they go up into their class (Other schools reception teachers do come along for a visit as well so if your child will not be attending Yalding school they will still see their teacher.)

We look forward to seeing your children as they progress to our  at our Bears Pre-School and If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

Yalding Village Hall, Lyngs Close, Yalding  ME18 6JT


Yalding Village Hall: 01622 814024 - during session times only

Charity Registration No: 1052236